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Ontopsychology is the ontology of the psyche.

Ontopsychology (psychology of being): knowledge to reset the human being in a conscious and operational contact with the lifeworld and the reality of being.

After the clinical and existential verification of the individual in relation to his or her surrounding reality, and after having ascertained the ensuing dysfunctions on ethical and scientific rationales, analysis begins on perception and knowledge.

In essence, the purpose is to verify the individual's analytical and voluntary consciousness: is the image used by consciousness coincident or reversible with the concrete reality used by the lifeworld?

Ontopsychology isolated the elementary identity criterion – the ontic In-itself and the related drives – as the basis constant of health and functionality. The ontic In-itself (the formal intelligent principle of human beings, that is the core or form of the unit of action of the individual) is the operational criterion that guarantees exactness of knowledge in both the scientific and existential fields. In particular, it makes it possible to achieve financial success.

Ontopsychology's discoveries

Ontopsychology differs from other schools in that:

1. It uses the individual's ontic In-itself as an epistemological authentication and evolution criterion;

2. In addition to all the other tools utilized by the other schools, it draws on the knowledge of the semantic field (life's basic language). This is the first mediator of unconscious, psychosomatic and psychosocial interactions. It is an information transducer without any shift of energetic mass: transfer of information that it encodes.

3. It identifies the deflection monitor as the single root of many alterations. The deflection monitor is a fixed program that interferes in a specular manner, intercepting and deflecting the Ego's reflection. It is a memetic operation that prevents the direct interpretation of the individuals' interaction with their surrounding reality and their own consciousness.

4. It isolated and identified the elementary base of the image as the alphabet of energy. Image is the chart of a formal (dynamic) which subsequently takes on a psychosomatic and psychosocial structure.

5. In its psychotherapeutic application, and after it has removed the symptom, it acts to develop leadership capabilities.

6. Ontopsychology emphasizes self-realization, that is the ability of the conscious Ego to align itself with the intentionality of the ontic In-itself toward the innovative result of the creative entrepreneur.

In over thirty-five years of activity in Europe and the Americas, Ontopsychology has been the focus of over sixteen international congresses, one of which was global. Ontopsychology has been discussed in all its ramifications in over fifty books written in Italian. Most of these books have been translated into Russian, English, Portuguese and Chinese. Protocols of understanding have been signed with universities to formalize Ontopsychology operators.

The development of the ontopsychological method in Russia laid the foundation for the creation, in 2004, of the Ontopsychology department at the School of Psychology at the State University of Saint Petersburg.

In 2008, in Brazil the Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade was established, in the Recanto Maestro District (RS), which in 2007 has been presented in the Innovation Fair of the Annual Ministerial Review of the ECOSOC of UN as an example of application of the Millennium Development Goals .

Ontopsychology has attracted a lot of attention from many quarters, especially because of the removal of the symptom when the method is applied. However, the psychotherapeutic solution is only a means. The purpose is the person as a leader as an individual beneficial to him/herself and functional for others. In particular, the purpose is the creation of the whole individual, in keeping with the project intrinsic in the intention of nature. However, this is possible only if a reversible exact consciousness can be reconstituted on reality, thus paving the way for applications to art, politics, business and philosophy.

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