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PSICOTEA (Psychothea)

Year 2000
Pages 190
Size 13 x 21
ISBN 978-88-86766-70-8
Languages Italian - Portuguese - Russian
Psychothea is one of the most treasured ontopsychological instruments, and in fact constitutes an alternative approach to theatre in general. Theatre usually describes a pathological situation of existential anxiety.
It does not strengthen life, but strengthens a superego that blackmails the single individual.
The result of this kind of theatre is a reinforcement of schizophrenia that separates us from our ontic In-itself (In Sé ontico).
Antonio Meneghetti proposes theatre as a living mirror of life and a manifestation of resolutional responsibility.
Spectators enjoy a playful representation of human life and stereotypes, which then leads them to greater responsibility.
Seen in this way, theatre is an instrument for discovering the existential entanglement and for revising one's lifestyle.
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