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DALL'UMANESIMO STORICO ALL'UMANESIMO PERENNE (From historical Humanism to perennial Humanism

Year 2010-2011
Pages 182
Size 12,5 x 20
ISBN 978-88-89391-44-0
Languages Italian

In this little book, the author analyses the various evolutions of the concept "humanism", from the Greco-Roman age to Renaissance. In the end, he defines the basic fundamental elements of perennial humanism, i.e. that humanism that exalts the responsibilities of people-without-myths.
In essence, he aims at the ontologic human being. Once this positionhas been accomplished, it guarantees the variables of the Christian human being, of the Islamic one, of the Buddhist one, and so on. Without the ontologic criterion, everything is just an opinion.
Ontopsychology is the rational function for the critical revision of people's consciousness. Mistakes do not occur in its nature, but in its reflection, which takes the place of the basic project or intentionality of nature, which reveals itself by reading one's own ontic In-itself. That is, the ontic In-itself's rationality in its own history, in its existence.

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