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Anno 2011 (It. ed. 1996-2010)
Misure 227
Misure 17 X 24
ISBN 978-88-89391-22-8
Lingua Italian – English – Russian – Portuguese

It is a marvellous excursus on the various details that arouse curiosity and pain in every person's solitary life. It is a clinical-existential survey, accomplished with competence by a great expert on the psychic processes of the mind.
Ontopsychology is a radical new vision that ranges from science to philosophy to art; most of all, however, it aims for all of these to be healthy and vital. The constant verification of any science answers the following questions: does it produce life? Can it cure? Can it develop? Can it offer metaphysical security to people in progress? This is the only criterion of truth for the human being. Not only does this new frontier of modern psychology possess a scientific methodology that is completely different from the schools that have existed up to go now, but it also contains the process that gives logic and realization to responsible people.
This book is aligned with the primary purpose of Ontopsychology: how the Ego's consciousness should be revised, in order for it to perform ontological knowledge, where the Ego's ideas and images are able to give truth and functionality to its own existence. That is, choosing the right, good practice of self-realization. Above all, for one's own health and counsciousness.

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