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Anno 2004 (It. ed. 2000)
Pagine 472
Misure 20 x 26
ISBN 978-88-89391-09-9
Lingua Italian – English – Portuguese – Russian
According to Meneghetti, the third millennium must bring the rebirth of art that does not only represent pain and regression, but also a lay and humanistic commitment, based on the conception of the human being as the centre of beauty and vital fulfilment.
In the 1970s, Meneghetti founded a new artistic movement on this premise, a movement aimed at the "renaissance" of the human being and called it 'OntoArte'.
This book explains how the author formalises the logical process of OntoArte from a philosophical, existential, cultural and sociological point of view, as well as from the practical point of view of artistic education.
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